The Laurax Method



We will spend our first week together gathering information about your goals and audience. We will meet with you and assess your current web presence and marketing efforts. This information will be used to identify the core traits your website needs to help you succeed.
Research Phase Deliverables:
  • Itemized quote
  • Detailed timeline and strategy for implementing your new website
  • Wireframes and mockups of your custom design



We leverage WordPress's extensive theme library and customization tools to keep costs down for our clients. Because we don't have to reinvent the wheel, our development time is spent efficiently - perfecting the style and functionality of your website. We’ll execute an extensive search of published WordPress themes that match the core traits established during research.
Development Phase Deliverables:
  • Customized WordPress theme, modified with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP where necessary
  • Visual elements generated for your website, including graphic design and photography
  • A website built on development best practices, including responsive design and SEO


Once your website is built, you'll need to know how to maintain it. We won't leave you in the dark. During the final phase of The Laurax Method we will provide helpful resources and launch your website.
Rollout Phase Deliverables:
  • Full control of your website via the WordPress backend.
  • Instructional videos and meetings to help you utilize the full power of WordPress
  • Google Business and Google Analytics accounts to provide real data on website traffic and more
  • A redefined web presence built for 2017!